4 Reasons why you have to get your family portrait taken this fall in Arizona!

By October 28, 2016 Uncategorized

Now that the holidays are just around the corner – its family portrait time! If you are like most moms we work with then you are the only one planning this very special time and of course you want it to come out absolutely perfect. At Leasures Portraits, we have been taking family portraits for 20 years now and have photographed over 100,000 families in Arizona. We are the premier portrait studio that all the local celebrities use when they want their family heirloom portrait taken.

Here are 4 Reasons why you have to get your family portrait taken this fall in Arizona.

1. Your kids aren’t getting any younger

The kids grow up so fast and even if it has been a year or two since your last family portrait I am sure they have changed a lot since then. You want to make sure to capture this special moment in time.


2. Portraits change how your children view themselves

There was a study done on what the effect of having portraits in your home does to your children. They found that children that grow up in a home with family portraits on the wall have a greater sense of confidence and belonging. In fact, portraits on the wall can increase your children’s self-confidence by more than 35%. One of a child’s biggest needs is being accepted for who they are. When you child sees himself on the wall every day that sends the message of him being something of great importance.


3. The weather is beautiful

Now that fall is here the weather is starting to cool off making your family portrait session amazing. You don’t have to worry about being hot and sweaty.


4. We have a special deal for you

At Leasures, one of our main core values is to give back and help others in need. Every year our goal is to help raise over $250,000 for the local charities and non-profits. That is why we have partnered with Make-A-Wish Arizona to help raise funds for the kids in need. It’s simple, all we ask is that you donate $99 to the Make-A-Wish Arizona foundation and we will gift a $400 Gift Certificate to go towards family portraits. ($200 covers the portrait session and $200 goes towards your portrait selection)

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