Create Wall Groupings with Your Family Portrait Favorites | Chandler Photography Studio

By February 23, 2015 Family

Our carefully designed wall groupings are simply the best value you’ll find. What is a wall grouping?  That’s just what we call it, but basically it is a unique collection of three or more portraits, designed to enhance and compliment your decor. A perfect way to decorate a large wall over a sofa, fireplace or stairway.

wall grouping over sofa

We follow a few simple rules to create a cohesive wall grouping that has balance and coordinates with your home.

1. Choose Color or Black and White

Most of the time our wall portraits are chosen to be printed in color.  But, depending on the portrait, your personal taste, and the decor of your home, a black and white wall grouping might be your choice.  Generally, we’ll choose closer images of only one or two people, or details shots from your session as black and white images, those types of shots work really well in black and white, and add interest to your wall grouping.

2. Choose Poses that Compliment

In a wall grouping, you will probably find the display more appealing with a large family portrait in the middle and two smaller grouped shots, or individual shots of children, flanking the larger middle portrait.  If you had 3 or more large family shots hanging together, the wall grouping won’t be as dynamic.  So, we will take your favorite images from the session and make suggestions to create wall groupings that have impact.

3. Frame it in Style

Choosing your frames is always fun.  The right frame will compliment your decor and your portraits.  We have so many to choose from, and we’ll help you choose one you love!  You can also select a canvas wall grouping, forgoing the frame all-together.  This creates a look that is very modern, and clean.