Creating a Gallery Wall Part 1 | Choosing your Items | Chandler Photographer

By March 30, 2015 Family, Uncategorized

We’ve all seen the amazing and inspiring gallery walls on Pinterest.  It makes us want to find every frame in our house and hang it all….you know this would result in a terrible outcome.  So, we’re going to help you out, and give you a couple tips to choose items for a cohesive and beautiful gallery wall.  Just like Pinterest!

1. Pick a Theme

The easiest way to choose items for your gallery wall is to pick a theme.  This theme can be color related, such as all black and white photos and items.  Or it can be more specific – like all abstract art, or all wedding photos.

gallery wall from pinterest

This image is from Pinterest.  You can see how well the black and white images work with the other items.


2. Use the Same Frame

Sometimes, you may want to use lots of different portraits and snapshots.  They may be all color, all black and white, or a mixture.  To keep the wall from looking like a cluttered mess, choose all the same frame, or choose frames that are different, but all in one color.

gallery wall same frame

This image is from Pinterest, isn’t this wall so beautiful and simple?


3. Mix Decorative Items with Your Frames

If you’ve followed the above 2 steps, you can easily add items to your wall as long as they still fit your theme, or your color palette.

add items to your gallery wall

This Pinterest image is very eclectic with the use of natural elements and the wooden shelf.  The frames, items and images all have the same theme and color scheme.

Hopefully you found these tips useful for choosing your gallery wall images.  Stay tuned for Part 2 – How to Hang Your Gallery Wall.