Senior Session Preparation


High School Information
Click the link below for your schools dress code, deadline and school letter.
Chandler Prep Academy

It’s best to have your hair cut and/or perm at least a week or two before your session. This will give it a chance to fill in or relax. Please don’t try a┬áradically different haircut or style too close to your session – what if you don’t like it?

Make Up
Cover up any noticeable blemishes. Mineral powder is awesome. Blend it in well. Bring powder to take the shine off your skin (guys too). Retouching is available on your prints, but it is difficult to fix shiny skin and sunburned skin.

If you wear glasses most of the time, you’ll want to wear them in your portraits. To eliminate glare and reflection, call your optometrist and arrange to borrow a pair of empty frames similar to yours or have the lens removed from your frames. Most opticians will help with no charge, but make sure you give them plenty of notice. Having the lenses out eliminate glare and distortions. If you choose to wear your glasses with lenses, keep in mind that reflections will be removed at your expense.

Order Appointment
On the day of photography we will schedule your order appointment within the following 2 weeks. At the order appointment, a deposit of 50% will be required to start your order. If you need to take proof sheets home, there is a non-refundable $350 retainer to do so. No worries that will all be applied towards your purchase when you return to finalize your order.

Session Fee
Due at time you book your Express or Deluxe appointment. This fee is for studio time only and will not be credited to your order.