Photo Size Comparison: 8×10 versus 32×48 | Chandler Portrait Studio

By March 2, 2015 Family

It is very common for someone to think that an 8×10 image is “big” or would make a good size for wall hanging.  But, when you think about it, an 8×10 is actually very small.

The size you decide to print your portraits is going to be relative to where you are going to put them.  A small side table would look silly with a 16×20 framed print sitting on it next to a lamp.  In this instance the 8×10 might be the perfect size.

For wall hanging portraits bigger is better.  Here’s a visual example to help you see the comparison.

8x10 versus 32x48

That looks pretty silly hanging above this queen sized bed.  An average queen size bed is 60 inches wide.  Your family portrait will look shrunken above large furniture as an 8×10.

8x10 versus 32x48

But a 32×48 looks great!  It covers most of the wall space, creating a feature point in the room.  For more tips on choosing the right sized wall portrait check out this post here.

family portrait above bed