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By March 23, 2015 Family

“What am I going to wear” is usually the first thing that anyone thinks when they are having a portrait session.  Today, we’re going to help you find the perfect outfits for your family, using the decor in your home.  I agree, it sounds silly to think you will be picking your shirt based on the couch you own.  Keep reading, and you will see why it will be successful.

Where Will You Hang Your Portrait?

Before we can discuss your clothing options, you need to decide where your family portrait will be hanging in your home.  Above your couch?  In the dining room?  In the den or study area?

Look for Common Color Schemes

We all have colors that we naturally gravitate to.  Take a look around the areas of your home that you might want to hang the portrait.  What colors do the areas have in common?  What colors are your walls?  Your furniture?  Your curtains?

wall grouping over sofa

Some people choose to keep their decor very neutral, but have decorative items that bring in pops of color.  In the example photo above the images they chose are black and white.  But what color would you wear if this was your living room?  An easy answer would be black.  The room has black in the pillows and the tables.  But the pop of color they use is dark teal.  Wouldn’t those portraits look breathtaking in this room if their outfits were dark teal and black?  Or dark teal and camel (the color of the rug)?

family portrait above bed

Do you have a bold colored wall where you are planning to hang your portrait?  If your wall is red, or eggplant or another bold color stick with neutral colors in your attire.  Of course, black or white always are going to look nice with anything, especially if you have black or dark wood furniture.  You could also wear browns, or creams if your furniture is lighter.

For more tips on choosing clothing colors for your outdoor portrait click here.

We can’t wait to see what you wear!