Selecting the Proper Size Wall Portrait | Arizona Portrait Photographer

By February 2, 2015 Family

When deciding what size portrait to hang in your home it can be easily overwhelming.  We’re going to help you select the appropriate size for your wall portrait with a few simple tips.

Wall Portrait for Arizona Charity

Choosing a large portrait to hang in your home, in a living area, dining room or foyer creates a focal point with dramatic impact.  You might considering hanging your portrait over your living room sofa, fireplace, desk or a bed.  For illustrative purposes we will use the sofa as our example.

Determine your viewing distance from the portrait.

For larger rooms, with a viewing distance of over 10 feet you will be choosing a larger sized portrait compared to a viewing distance of 8 feet or less.

Are your ceilings vaulted?

Vaulted ceilings create larger walls.  You will need to consider this when choosing your final size.  With a larger wall space your portrait will appear smaller than it is in reality.

Measure the width of your sofa (desk, bed, fireplace).

A general rule to follow:  Your wall portrait should be at least 50-75% as wide as the furniture it hangs above.

Our sofa measures 80 inches wide, the smallest width we would choose for our portrait would be 40 inches.

Let us show you how it will look.

A great way to make sure you are choosing the correct size is to allow us to show you, digitally during your viewing and ordering session.  Before you come back to the studio to view your images, take a quick photo of the wall you want to hang your portrait, and write down the measurements of your sofa.  During your appointment we will show you how different sized portraits will look in that space.

For more ideas on wall portraits take a look at our Family Brochure.