5 tips for Creating Fabulous Fall Fashion in Your Portraits | Chandler Family Photographer

By November 19, 2014Family

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Choosing what to wear for family portraits can be stressful.  So, we’re here to help alleviate that stress, with 5 tips to create a fashionable, cohesive look for your portraits this fall.

When you think of fall, what comes to mind?  Changing leaves, cozy sweaters, boots?  What colors do you think of?  Browns, yellows, blues?  It’s easy to create a great fall inspired look, just follow these 5 tips.


1. Pick A Color Scheme

The hottest trend for fall portraits is neutrals!  The great thing about neutral colors – they’re easy to coordinate.  Stick with beige, grays, creams, whites and dark jeans – done!  Starting the base of your outfits with neutrals helps to create a cohesive look.  Think of your family’s outfits in terms of one giant outfit, it makes the coordination a little easier.  We’ll show you how to add in some color in the later tips.

2.  Choose Varied Styles Of Tops

Having everyone wear one style of top is pretty boring.  So, let’s change it up a bit.  Mom can wear a blouse, dad can wear a button up dress shirt, little brother can wear a sweater and big sister can wear a dress or tunic.  If you picked your color scheme carefully, the different styles will add interest, and they should look nice together.  Lay the outfits out on your bed, or kitchen table as you put them together.  This will help you to visualize the tops together.

3.  Layers Are Your Friend

Once you’ve decided on the styles and colors of your tops, think about layering cardigans, sweaters, vests, or jackets to really pull your looks together.  Want to add in some color?  Pick one color (blue for instance) and add it into the outfits with your layers.  If you have a neutral jacket you want to wear, but your top is navy, that will work out well.  Add navy to another family members outfit with a vest, or a neutral and navy plaid shirt.  Keep it simple, and classic.  Layers need to be added carefully, or it can look messy.

Keep in mind, Mom and Dad will most likely have a couples portrait together.  Do those tops coordinate?  Do you need to add a cardigan or vest to one of the outfits to make it coordinate better?  Do the children’s outfits look good together?  Can each outfit stand on it’s own, for individual portraits?

4.  Bottoms And Shoes Are Important

Everyone does not have to wear the same colored bottoms, or shoes, but they do need to look good together.  So, if Mom is wearing brown boots, big sister should wear a brown toned shoe as well.  It’s usually best to keep everyone’s shoes the same color, but it’s not necessary.

Do not wear brightly colored shoes that don’t fit with your color scheme.  Stay away from white sneakers and socks as well.  Darker shoes are best, since they need to coordinate, but you don’t want them to stand out and grab your attention.

5.  Accessorize

Accessories really help to personalize your outfits.  Put hair bows in the little girl(s) hair, or a headband.  Add necklaces, earrings, bangles, rings to mom’s outfit…anything that goes with your aesthetic.  Guys can wear watches, or ties, even hats can be fun!  Keep your colors in your general color scheme, and make sure to keep the sizes proportionate to the person wearing the accessory.  Little sister should not have a hair bow that is as big as her head, it will draw too much attention away from her beautiful face.

Now you are a pro at planning your family portrait outfits, with fall inspiration.  We’ll see you for your portraits soon!