Family Portraits – What to Wear | Arizona Family Portraits

By October 27, 2014Family


Having family portraits professionally photographed is always really exciting.  Today I have a few tips for you, to help create the most memorable portrait.

When you imagine your family portrait hanging in your home, do you imagine what you’re wearing?  If you haven’t thought about that, let’s think about it now.

What colors does your family wear often?  What colors are in your home decor?  Questions like these are important to ask yourself.

When selecting your clothing, you should first visualize where your portrait will hang.  You should consider clothing colors that will accent the room where the portrait will be displayed.  Also, outdoor settings generally have a lot of texture and depth surrounding the subjects.  When photographing outdoors, it is especially important to stay with simple clothes that are solid colors.  Families should wear the same, or similar colors to create a harmonious look.  Solid colors in earth tones or jewel tones are recommended.  The goal is to focus on the faces in the family, and not the clothing.  Dark shoes and dark socks are best.  Avoid white socks and white sneakers, or brightly colored shoes.

If you want to see examples, look through our family gallery, for inspiration.