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By January 26, 2015 Family

After you’ve booked your portrait appointment, your first thought will be inevitably be “What should I wear?”.  If you are having your portraits taken outdoors there are a few key rules to follow to help you look your best.

Think of your surroundings:

If you know the outdoor location of your portraits, view samples of previous portraits taken at that location.  This will allow you to see the naturally occurring colors of your outdoor portrait location, and you will be able to choose your clothing colors accordingly.

Click here to view our outdoor family portrait gallery for samples of our favorite locations.

If the outdoor locations is very green, and lush, choose colors that are earthy or jewel toned.  Earth tones such as taupe, brown, beige, and gray are wonderful options.  Stay away from wearing green, in a green environment, you will blend in to your surroundings.  Darker colors like navy blue, chocolate brown, eggplant or mustard look great outdoors as well.


family portraits in the garden


Consider your personal style:

When choosing your outfits remember to keep to your personal style.  If you prefer wearing patterned clothing, do it!  If you tend to wear solid colors, go for it.  Remember to keep in mind the pallet of your home and where you will be hanging your finished portrait.  For more tips on utilizing your personal style, visit our post on creating a fashionable and cohesive outfit for the whole family here.


Wall Portrait for Arizona Charity


Keep it classic:

If in doubt, keep it classic.  Black and white are always in season, and always look great.  Have everyone wear black tops and jeans, but vary the style of tops.  Or mix it up with patterns and prints in black and white for everyone.  However your spin it, black and white will always be a great option.



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